Friday, January 23, 2009

Fast vs Quality

The first thing you will hear about fast directory submitter software in our industry is that fast means a lack of quality.

This thought is powered by such quotes as
"Run after two rabbits and you'll only catch one"
"A hasted job is not a job well done" as well as by many others mentalities formed in any society.

But is it really a matter of fast vs Quality? In the not so distant past this was the case. A fast submission usually meant it wasn't done very well. I should further detail this. How can a submission be done good or bad or well? You might think there can only be two outcomes: good as in submitted and bad as in not submitted. How can there be a middle outcome?

Because of the nature of how links are being reviewed by a human moderator we will get to a certain situation where a submission was made, but the reviewer considered it not good enough to list it so the submission got disapproved. To prevent this a submission data must be written according to a set of rules both written and of course some rules unwritten and dictated by the common sense.

In the past, a fast submission meant you would haste the process of description making or title choosing. Some submitters also hasted the category choosing process. This resulted in poor quality submissions.

Today this is no longer the case. Things have stepped from the manual submission to automatic directory submission a long time ago. Using a fast directory submitter now means using an automatic directory submitter. Careful now, not all automatic directory submitter software are that good. Some can do more harm than they do good.